Today's featured Startup: Distractify

Entrepreneurship is a strong (and growing) international movement and we are very happy to be part of that. New startups are emerging everyday and this is not going to stop; some of them grow faster than others, others need to fail more in order to find the right way to success, true innovation and change. We decided to show on the blog some amazing startups, some of them are almost literally "conquering the world"...!

Congratulations, Distractify, you are today's featured startup at Startup Blog BrazilTo all entrepreneurs: check out Distractify's profile and get inspired:


Startup's Profile:

What is it:
Distractify is a company that gathers interesting (and viral!) links in one same place and foster people to discover and create stories that matters to them. They have both original and non-original content. According to their website: "Distractify's mission is to help people discover and create great stories that matter to them". In this interview to Business Insider, Hu said "he wanted to make people feel an emotion that's universal".

Who created it:
Quinn Hu and Yosef Lerner.

Why is it hot:
Distractify is a digital media company and has big competitors such as BuzzFeed, ViralNova, Upworthy. What makes them really impressive are the numbers and growth speed: they launched in October 2013 and in the first month (November) they reached 21 million unique visitors. In May 2014, they were visited by 18.6 million unique visitors in the U.S and the data shows they continue growing, highly supported my social media sharing.

It seems "viral and emotional" content is not just a fast trend, but it's something that came to stay and to make people's lives funnier and lighter. Let's watch Distractify, a seemingly very energetic company, show us their potential and where viral content can take us.

I personally liked the vision of Quinn Hu (one of the founders) on how to have success on a startup, as I read on Landt.co: “First, make sure you have every aspect of the idea explored and that the idea is actually viable - if you're having issues bringing it to life, you might need to rethink the idea (...)" (please read the rest at Landt.co's article).

Other websites talking about Distractify:
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Luiza S. Rezende


10 tips for entrepreneurs to improve daily productivity

Entrepreneurs normally work a lot, so it's better to work with quality and productivity, without leaving health, family, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend and self-awareness behind. Here are some tips to make daily work routine more effective. Hope it's useful to you! Feel free to comment below. Cheers!

1 - Have a complete and organized agenda. 

I love online calendars, such as Google Calendar, feel free to choose yours. I think it's also very good to write (and schedule) everything you need to remember in the calendar. Don't overcharge your memory!

2 - Earlier in the day, take a look at your schedule to see what is scheduled for the day. 

It's the first thing I do in the day. Take a look also in the week and month, to have a broader notion of pending tasks and processes that are happening. If necessary, relocate, add or delete tasks. It seems a bit "freak", but believe me, it works.

3 - At the end of the day, see if it was lacking some task and reschedule it. 

If you couldn't manage to do something, no problems, but don't forget to re-schedule it.

4 - Alternate intellectual tasks with more mechanical tasks. 

This "method" helps me a lot to be more productive. If I have to do something intellectually intense, I try to alternate this task with a more "mechanical" one, in order not to be so exhausted.

5 - Do some physical activity during the day. 

I like walking!

6 - Avoid overeating if you are going to work after it. 

You can be less productive and sleepy. 

7 - Wake up early, feel productive early. 

This item is controversial, I know many people who prefer to use the dawn. But for me, waking up early is very positive for the day as a whole.

8 - Be hydrated during the day. 

Water, juice... Try not to drink only coffee during the day ;-)

9 - Give due attention to friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, family etc. 

Being efficient is also knowing to value people and the moments that matter. Working too much (and forgetting the rest) is absolutely short term thinking. Take care of your life as a whole, try to be balanced.

10 - Have a hobby, do activities for you. 

Enjoy life, try to improve yourself everyday, find who you really are and what you really love. (In my opinion) that's what life is about.


Luiza S. Rezende

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Flickr picture from Seth Werkheiser. Link to the image here. Link to the license here. Link to the summary of the license here.


Today's amazing Brazilian Startup: Poup

Today's amazing Brazilian Startup is Poup, and the "Chief Cashback Officer" is Gustavo Gorenstein (also known as Guga Gorenstein) who I personally know and admire.

Poup is a company that helps you save money. When you buy something from a traditional store using their service, you can have a percentage of the money back. Poup shares their fee (for intermediating a purchase) with the customer, that's why part of the money goes back to the client.

Lot's of big stores are already Poup's partners and the service is growing fast throughout Brazil.

Guga is a very popular entrepreneur in Brazil. He is very helpful with other entrepreneurs and participates in a lot of events as mentor and speaker (we participated together in Startup Weekend Curitiba this year).

I think Poup's model is a very inteligent one, because it puts together e-commerce, discounts, loyalty and social media. Guga is a very inspiring  and ambitious entrepreneur and we hope Poup continues growing and bringing Brazilian entrepreneurship to the highlight.


Soon more news about the Brazilian startup scene!

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Luiza S. Rezende

Guga Gorenstein


Amazing Brazilian Startup of the Day: Qranio

Brazilian entrepreneur scene is each day bigger and better! Today I would like to present you Qranio, an amazing startup whose founder (Samir Iásbeck) I personally admire.

Qranio was founded by Samir and this Brazilian startup is changing the way children, teenagers and even adults feel about education and learning. It's an app where you can answer questions (about many subjects), win points and then exchange these points for prizes. Here you can read more about how it works.

Today they have more then 1 million registered users, 15 million answered questions and 5 thousand redeemed prizes. You can also play by SMS, paying it weekly. There is the normal version and the Premium one.

When I talked to Samir for the first time to know better the idea of the app, he told me that when he was at school he didn't like learning in the traditional way (he found it boring) and things only got better when he invented his own ways to learn and made it fun. That's what he does today with Qranio.

It's an amazing idea and Samir is smartly spreading it over the world! He, Samir, personally is also a very authentic and helpful entrepreneur: with his pink t-shirt and Qranio's logo always with him, he is building a very strong and sustainable brand and a fast growing product.


Soon more news about the Brazilian startup scene!

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Luiza S. Rezende

Samir Iásbeck with his Qranio hat and pink T-shirt.