10 tips for entrepreneurs to improve daily productivity (and boost their startup)

Entrepreneurs normally work a lot, so it's better to work with quality and productivity, without leaving health, family, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend , espouse and self-awareness behind. That's the best way to be ready for the challenges that your startup will bring. 

Here you'll find some tips to make daily work routine more productive. Hope it's useful to you! Feel free to comment below.

1 - Have a complete and organized calendar. 

I love online calendars, such as Google Calendar, feel free to choose yours (even you prefer the old style ones). I think it's also very good to write (and schedule) everything you need to remember in the calendar. Don't overcharge your memory, relax and let your brain know that everything is important and everything you need to remember is written on your calendar.

2 - Earlier in the day, take a look at your schedule to see what is planned for the day. 

It's the first thing I do in the day. Take a look also in the week and month, to have a broader notion of pending tasks and processes that are happening. If necessary, relocate, add or delete tasks. It seems a bit "freak", but believe me, it works.

3 - At the end of the day, see if it you missed any task and reschedule it. 

If you couldn't manage to do something, no problems, but don't forget to re-schedule it.

4 - Alternate intellectual tasks with more mechanical tasks. 

This "method" helps me a lot to be more productive. If I have to do something intellectually intense, I try to alternate this task with a more "mechanical" one, in order not to be so exhausted.

5 - Do some physical activity during the day. 

I like walking!

6 - Avoid overeating if you are going to work after it. 

You can be less productive and sleepy (at least that happens with me).

7 - Wake up early, feel productive early. 

This item is controversial, I know many people who prefer to work at dawn. But for me waking up early is positive for the day as a whole.

8 - Be hydrated during the day. 

Water, juice... Try not to drink only coffee during the day ;-)

9 - Give attention to friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, family etc. 

Being efficient is also knowing to value people and the moments that matter. Working too much (and forgetting the rest) is absolutely a short term thinking. Take care of your life as a whole, try to be balanced. That's the only way to archive sustainable success.

10 - Have a hobby, do activities for you, improve self-awareness. 

Enjoy life, try to improve yourself everyday, find who you really are and what you really love. (In my opinion) that's what life is about.


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See you soon!

Luiza S. Rezende
Corporate lawyer specialized in startups

10 tips for entrepreneurs to improve daily productivity (and boost their startup)

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