A startup should solve real needs: the example of Papinha Faz Bem

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Today I would like to talk about the importance of solving real life needs while planning or managing your startup. If your business helps people do something in a faster, healthier, more practical, more comfortable or in an overall better way, this is a great starting point. Of course many other factors will influence your success, but being able to solve real people and real life's need for me is in the essence of a long lasting successful business.

In Brazil, Papinha Faz Bem is a startup whose core business is to produce fresh, sometimes totally organic, non-industrialized, healthy and personalized food (in Portuguese, baby's food is called in an informal way of "papinha") for small babies between 6 months and one and a half years old. Personalized food means that if you have a special diet from a nutritionist for your baby, they can prepare this special diet for you.

The idea to create the company came from one of the founders, who is also a father and a cooking lover: he hadn't find a place to buy non-industrialized food for his baby daughter, and decided to start testing at home. After succeeding in creating tasty baby meals (with the approval of his baby), he decided to look for a professional certificate and made a business from this. At Papinha Faz bem they also think about the environment: the "papinhas" come in reusable packages, they produce fertilizer with the organic waste from the food production and to prepare the papinhas they use an intelligent oven that is more energy efficient.

Papinha Faz bem is a good example of how sometimes solving a personal need can lead to a business that will solve other people's need. A startup or even a more tradicional company is all about solving people's needs. If you are not solving any real life problem, I am not sure for how long will your startup survive.


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Luiza S. Rezende
Corporate lawyer specialized in startups

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