Public transportation became easier: let me present you the startup Moovit

Hello everyone!

Hope you are great. Today I would like to share with you an app that is really making my life better recently. Its name is Moovit and I have just read that it received $80mi in venture capital. Great job, guys ;-)

Now living in Tel Aviv and having to move daily to my Master (the correct name is LL.M., but I'll say Master to facilitate...) at Tel Aviv University by bus, Moovit is a daily relief. In the morning I just type the destination in the app and it tells me exactly the the time that the bus will pass by. I can have my breakfast calmly and just 3 minutes before the bus arrives... I leave home and go to the bus stop!

While at the bus you can just let the app on and select "on the route" and it will tell you the time you have to get out. It's really relaxing and it makes going by bus much more fun. Here is a printscreen of this tool:

Moovit app

I was born in São Paulo, in Brazil, and there I always preferred to use the subway (or the car). The public bus system there is not as predictable as it is in Tel Aviv (there aren't electronic panels on the bus stops showing when it's the next, neither they have air conditioning inside...!), so with the subway I could plan better my calendar (but, I have to say, depending on the station you go "things can happen" and you may also arrive late). As I am really freak with planning, organizing and being punctual, Moovit is the perfect tool for me. 

Now watch the video below about Moovit and DeaLaudry "Entrepreneurship - creating value":

For those who want to know, Moovit was founded in 2012 by the israeli entrepreneur Nir Erez. Below is a picture of the team (Congrats, guys!!):

Moovit's team

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Luiza S. Rezende
Corporate lawyer specialized in startups

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