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I interviewed Ben Lang, Co-Founder of Mapme, and he told me a bit about his startup. Mapme was considered by Business Insider and Inc one of the hottest Israeli Startups of the moment. Read the interview and feel free to comment below!

1- How would you describe Mapme? Where did the idea come from?

Ben: We empower anyone to build smart and beautiful maps for free and without any coding required. Came from Mapped in israel, people were asking to build similar maps but of all different types.

2- How do you get feedback from your users? How do you know if the product is solving their needs?

Ben: We have a Facebook group for our most passionate users (map builders). They leave feedback there. I share product news there. Its a great place to know what problems we're solving, and what we're missing yet.

3- What is the next step for Mapme? What do you want to achieve in the next months?

Ben: Were in the process of opening the platform for anyone to use. We want to make it incredibly easy and fast to set up a map. Our goal is to have thousands of maps built on our platform by end of year.

4- When should an entrepreneur look for investors / external investment? When an entrepreneur shouldn't look for investors / external investment?

Ben: At the latest point possible. The longer you wait the better. You want to be in a position that the investor is coming after you. That will get you a much better deal. If you're too early on, have no users, traction, product than best to wait.

5- What was the biggest challenge you have faced until today in your startup?
prioritizing is really difficult
its hard to know when the right time is to build something
should it be now, or later
knowing the right time is key for startups, since time is your most valuable resource.

6- For you what does it mean to be an entrepreneur?
Ben: Someone solving a problem for a group of people.

7- What are the advantages of being an entrepreneur in Israel? And the disadvantages?
Ben: Amazing community here, lots of development talent, Cheaper than Silicon Valley. Its far from the rest of the world. No local market here.

8- What do you most like in your daily routine?
Ben: I try to go the gym as often as possible, its a great way to disconnect and gain energy.

9- How do you imagine yourself in 10 years?
Ben: Hopefully building something cool :)

Ben also send a message to the Startup Blog Brazil readers:

"We have a few maps in Brazil and would love to have more. Anyone is welcome to sign up on to build maps!"


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