Innovation inside Social Media: meet Start A FIRE

Our interviewee today is Oren Barzilai, founder of Start A FIRE, a very interesting startup that helps people and companies to promote their social presence more efficiently on the web. Read the interview below and learn more about this "next step" for social media marketing and social media engagement:

How would you describe Start A FIRE? Where did the idea come from?

Oren Barzilai
Oren: enables individuals and brands to promote their social presence and content over any link they share. It works by adding their branded badge to every link they share that says “Shared By” and recommends content from their blog. 
We started after we noticed a shift in people's behavior on the web. Social media became the new homepage and thus a major traffic source for every content website. When we dwelled deeper we noticed that the trend is only getting stronger while the economy is broken. Individuals and brands are sharing content on social media and generating most of the publishers’ traffic. Those publishers are generating great value, while those who shared the content get none. That’s when was born. We wanted to build a simple and seamless product that will enable those who share content to extract the value they deserve from the content they share.

What do you most like about the social media marketing sector?
Oren: It’s nevering boring. Social Media is a live and vibrant sector, filled with interactions that are changing fast.

How do you get feedback from your clients? How do you know if the product is solving their needs?
Oren: We are constantly speaking with our users, over twitter, facebook, email, Skype and phone. We listen to their feedback and adjust our product accordingly, and they share their love publicly. 

Following the data is probably the best indicator that your users are happy. Data always speaks louder than words! We are constantly measuring & optimizing the value we are providing our users.

What is the most challenging thing in working with online marketing?
Oren: Building a company from scratch, with very little resources while introducing a new product to the market is always very challenging. Having said that, I don’t think that building a marketing product is more or less challenging than building a security product, a consumer product etc.

Did you think about giving up at any time? If yes, why?
Oren: The life of an entrepreneur looks like a SIN graph, one email or a call can completely change the day from an amazing day to a very bad one and vice versa. Having doubts and questioning yourself constantly is an important and crucial part of building a great company. Having said that, the answer is NO. You can adjust the product and vision, but giving up is never an option.

What do you most like in your daily routine?
Oren: That you can never know how it’s going to end.

What's the future of social media marketing? What should we wait for the next years?
Oren: Large agencies will become less and less dominant, while we will witness the democratization of the industry and marketing platforms will become more and more dominant.

How do you imagine yourself in 10 years?
Oren: Ten years is a very long time. Hopefully I will be working on something that I’m passionate about that’s making the world a better place. In 5 years, I see start A FIRE as a market leader in the content sharing section. Anyone who shares content will be using start A FIRE to get the credit and attribution from sharing great content.

Also, I would love to offer your readers an early access invite to Ping us at or at!

Start A FIRE team
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